Financial Management

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Reliable Financial Management & Accounting Solutions For Companies

GHA Conferences has the right tools, expertise, and information necessary to offer your company financial management and accounting services that can help you to excel in the ever-changing industry.

You can count on us to help you resolve all the complex financial challenges with ease. As a responsible leading company, we never compromise on our adherence to strict protocols & implement the best accounting practices. Get a FREE quote!

Our financial management methods are fully transparent, and we commit to the following best practices:

  • Using appropriate accounting software to maintain and prepare a full book of accounts
  • The Chart of Accounts, containing the bank, creditor, and debtor accounts, is reconciled monthly
  • The creation and distribution of balance sheets and P&L statements
  • Receiving and timely banking of all received funds
  • Recording and getting ready for payment accounts
  • Management of the organization's cash reserves
  • All returns must be prepared, lodged, and paid in compliance with applicable rules
  • Preparing and delivering the books to an independent auditor for audit
  • Getting the executive's permission on annual accounts and lodging returns as required & stated by the law