Membership Management

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Superior Association & Membership Management Services

Are your volunteers primarily responsible for maintaining and updating your membership databases? At GHA Conferences, we have a qualified team that can relieve you of that responsibility so that your company may concentrate on strategy and direction.

We understand the vast responsibilities that comes with your day-to-day arrangements. Whether it’s a small task or a big one, our skilled and resourceful professionals will provide personalized services.

With over 50 years of combined experience in this industry, you can rest easy knowing that our talented team is always ready to help you achieve tangible outcomes. Get in touch with us!

We offer top-notch membership management services:

  • Establishing and maintaining lead contact information
  • Upkeep comprehensive, precise, and personalized membership records in our database
  • The primary point of contact for members, guaranteeing a timely response to questions and requests
    from members through phone, mail
  • Assist your team with the creation, distribution, and handling of tax invoices and membership renewal letters
  • Processing of confirmation letters and membership receipts
  • Billing and administration of membership application and renewal processes